To ClickUp or ToDoist — that was the question…THIS is the verdict.

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5 min readSep 14

Back in May I explained that I was having a month or so long trial of using ClickUp alongside UpNote in a toolset that I had called ClickUpNote. See what I did there? I was moving from ToDoist in a tool stack called UpNotionoist as I had UpNote for notes, Notion for longer term planning, managing content and projects and ToDoist for tasks. So, To ClickUp or Todiost — that was the question and this is the verdict.

I have stopped using ClickUp.

I am back to UpNote, Notion and ToDoist.

Ultimately I want to say that I do love ClickUp. It is an app with so many things that I love, and (as I said in my previous post here) having everything in one place is a real plus point.

ClickUp Logo

How did I use ClickUp?

I used ClickUp entirely by myself and so a lot of the features didn’t really fit with my use case — therefore bear that in mind. I had a general space which contained, amongst a few other things, my Master project list. I used this to plan the status of the projects and schedule days to focus on a specific project. I had a ‘space’ for each area of life, such as work or family, and in that space I had folders and lists for my projects and lists for my areas of focus. So within family I would have an area list of Home & Admin and project list of digitising our files, for example. The project tasks in the master project list were linked to the tasks in the specific list for that project via dependencies. I used a custom field for Carl Pullein’s Time Sector System.

I used Docs for a lot of the work I needed to do for various projects, before anything formal was required — these could be housed in or linked to the project task in the master project list, or the specific project task list.

I had a content management system within ClickUp as well, using different statuses, boards and views.

UpNote remained for notes not related to projects, for archiving all of my project work to keep ClickUp uncluttered and for writing in.

I am sure I have explained this badly but on paper it was amazing. Once it was all set up (imagine what it would take to set this all up in Notion and then cut into a quarter and you will be about…

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