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8 min readMay 18

I am continuing my little series offering my honest thoughts on different productivity systems that are on offer today. I have previously written about the old Grandaddy of all productivity systems — GTD (Getting Things Done) — here. Today I turn my attention briefly to consider Carl Pullein’s Time Sector System.

What is the Time Sector System

The Time Sector System is billed as a modern productivity system designed for the 21st Century. It is a system developed by Carl Pullein.

Here are a few YouTube Videos that Carl has produced on the system itself. Carl also has a premium course where he runs through and explains the system in full. I should state that I have not done this course. As such, my thoughts are based only on what is available for free through Cark’s public content.

The Time Sector system is a way of managing your work, specifically your tasks, based on when you plan to do them. It is an incredibly stripped down and minimalist organisation system. The idea is that if you adopt this system, you will spend less time organising your work and more time doing your work. This is certainly true and the claim is verifiably valid. The organisation required within this system in practically nothing on a regular basis once it is set up. Here lies the power of the system, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Look at the average person’s task manager, for example ToDoist, Tick Tick or Microsoft ToDo. What you will see is a group of top level folders in your sidebar. If you use an app like ClickUp, these would be your spaces. These top levels would be things like ‘Work’, ‘Personal’, ‘Family’ etc. Underneath each of these you might find some sub folders, ‘Projects’ and ‘Areas’. Underneath each of these you might find another folder or list for every single project and every single area of focus. These lists will be the ones that contain your tasks. Every task is in either a project folder or an area folder. If the person is a GTD purist, instead the sidebar might be a single long list of 50–100 projects each with their relevant tasks in.

Not so in the Time Sector Sytem.

You might also find each and every task having multiple labels or tags added to them. These…

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