How to turn your phone into a productivity POWERHOUSE!

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7 min readOct 18, 2023

We’ve all read posts about how our mobile phones are literally sucking the life out of us. There is a lot to be said on this theme. Our digital devices are literal distraction factories and this is a really negative thing. I aim to write a post down the line called “If you do not learn to master your phone, then your phone will become your master” but I’m not writing that this week as I wouldn’t want you all to think I was ‘terribly mysterious’. Today, I am stepping into all the negativity about our digital devices and commenting on the amazing benefits of these powerhouses in our pockets. So today — How to turn your phone into a productivity powerhouse.

We could start with the apps we do and don’t have on our phones, but this is going to be a positive post and so I’ll save that for next time.

Think about your Home Screen set up

Our smart phones all have multiple ‘home screens’ these days. If you are on Android then this is separate from your app drawer where all your apps are and your home screen will be shortcuts and widgets. When I had an iPhone a few years back, all your apps would be on your home screen — there was no app drawer.

Here is where intentionality kicks in. You will have one home screen that is your primary home screen. It’s where he ‘home button’ takes you when you press it. It’s the place your phone boots up to. So think about, what is most important to you? This will dictate what you have on ‘Home Screen 1’. This is where you want ONLY the apps and widgets that you want to see and use first.

For me, this screen is where I put apps, widgets and short cuts that relate to the bible and devotional stuff, reading and anything to do with health and fitness. This is where I also put my music, audio book and podcast app as I listen to these during exercise. One third of this screen is taken up by a Bible verse of the day’ widget. Partly because of wanting this to be prominent and partly because of deliberately wanting to limit the space available for extra clutter.

These are on my main home screen as they are most important and because they are things I want to see first when I use my phone and I do not want to be distracted by anything else.



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