How to do a productivity reset | Part 1 — Kill the bloat

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3 min readNov 18, 2023

Anyone who wants to be productive will train themselves to do two things — Capture everything and organise it well. It is therefore inevitable that your ‘productivity system’ will become bloated. Some ways of organising your work will suffer this far more than others — worth noting this. Therefore, it will become necessary to develop a process to deal with this problem. So, let’s consider how to do a productivity reset | Part 1 — Kill the bloat.

Before we actually think the about the system itself, we need to to start with all those things we have captured and organised into our systems.


I have just completed a review of my project list. Current, active, future and someday/hopeful. What I found is that many of these ‘projects’ didn’t need to be there. It is likely that the same is true for you as well so go through the list. Look for the following:

  1. Projects that you no longer care about
  2. Projects that aren’t really projects at all — they are basically just big tasks or a process to follow.
  3. Projects that are not defined as projects. One of mine was ‘Study History’. This is not well defined enough to be of any use.
  4. Projects that are basically complete or have been super-ceded by other things.
  5. Projects that are basically duplicates of others. I found a few that whilst worded differently were basically the same.

This will trim your project list down significantly.

I have also decided to move my Someday/Maybe list to a separate note in my notes app. These are not projects but things I hope to do in the future.


This is next up for me.

There are a few things I want to think about here:

  1. Routine and Recurring tasks — are these all still relevant and are they needed?
  2. Tasks that I created a long time ago but are just sitting there. I think I will look for tasks created more than 8 months ago. Then…



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