How I’m using ToDoist in 2023

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7 min readJan 23

ToDoist is my task manager of choice. I’ve been using it for about 8 years now, with brief interludes where I used things such as Omnifocus or 2Do. I even tried to build a full task and project manager in Notion. I always come back to ToDoist.

Why I believe ToDoist is the best task manager

ToDoist has 3 big things going for it that make it stand out in a crowded market. Yes there are task managers with more features, and yes there are some weaknesses in this fantastic application, but overall, these 3 things are what really make the difference.

1. Simplicity & Power

ToDoist is not a complex app on the face of it. It has a very intuitive interface. It’s my view that anyone could open up ToDoist and even without any knowledge of how the app works, could use it effectively to get stuff done — even if they ignored 3/4 of the features. It is incredibly easy to use. That being said, it is also incredibly powerful. Natural language parsing means that setting things like due dates and priorities is incredibly straightforward and fast. Keyboard shortcuts, some of which are global (you can use them no matter what app you are currently using) mean that entering new tasks, thoughts and ideas is near frictionless. Lastly, the searches and filters that you can create with the application mean that you can actually create multiple different views to present your tasks to you however you want. This is really helpful as you organise your work and plan your time.

2. Accessibility

ToDoist is available everywhere and is reasonably priced. There are native clients for Windows, Mac & Linux. There are iOS and Android apps, apps for smart watches and a web app. When I say accessible anywhere and everywhere, I mean it. It’s also fairly reasonably priced. A basic user can get by with the free version but the paid version is not excessively expensive. Moreover they operate a legacy pricing policy at present. This means even when they increase the price for new users, as an existing subscriber your bill will remain the same.

3. Beauty

Part of the apps ease of use is the aesthetic of the interface. In the past I tried ToDoist’s closest rival, TickTick. To me, the…

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