Building a plan for your day — An essential ingredient in an effective life

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4 min readOct 25, 2023

My old driving instructor was incredibly wise. He used to tell me that people will spend a fortune on components for their cars but then when it comes to tyres — more often than not people go for the cheap or the mid range option. “Big Mistake!” he said. Your tyres are the only part of the car that actually makes contact with the road and if you want to keep it that way, don’t go cheap here! Have you ever heard the phrase ‘where the rubber hits the road’? That’s my point. In all our efforts to be more efficient, more effective and more productive, how we use a humble day is ‘where the rubber hits the road’ so don’t go cheap here. This is why building a plan for your day is an essential ingredient in an effective life.

Lofty goals and high ambitions will do you no good, if you cannot use your day right. This is where the rubber hits the road.

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My last post was all about my Coram Deo — a simple checklist I use to make sure I am focussed through the day. But before we get to that point, we need a plan to work with. Every day, wither before I leave work or before I wind down for bed, I spend 15 minutes planning tomorrow. Once again, I harness the power of a simple checklist for this.

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Here is the checklist:

  • Review Uncompleted Tasks for the day. Decide if reschedule for this week or next.
  • Process Notebook
  • Process my Task Manager inbox
  • Choose 3+12 for Tomorrow
  • Review and revise other tasks
  • Plan Calendar for tomorrow
  • Journal (5 mins)

It’s basic but powerful. Let me explain.

It may be I get to the end of the day and haven’t completed everything I planned to. I know what you thinking! — Surely NOT, Surely NEVER! — but it does happen, quite a bit. Some of those things I want to reschedule for another day this coming week.

With my approach to Carl Pullein’s Time Sector System, if it’s not scheduled for this week and doesn’t need to be done…



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